Part / Full Cancellation of a Purchase Order:


While we take strenuous effort to enter accurate information about every product and service listed on the site, there are chances that the product may have entered with incorrect price or information. It may arise due to typographical error in the price or description of the product. We have the sole right to accept or deny or cancel any such order whether or not the user confirms the order; whether or not you paid for the product. 

If you already paid for the product and waiting for the product to be shipped, we may cancel the order. In case if we cancel the order, you will get the full credit back to your account through the respective payment mode. Alternatively, we may also generate fresh order with the right price. 

If we cancel all or any part of your order, the amount equivalent to your order or cancelled order will be credited to your account or credit card or debit card through which the payment is made. We do not impose any charge on your credit or debit card or bank for cancellation of order.

 We make strenuous attempts to provide excellent services. However, if you feel you should cancel your order, you can do, but restricted to certain limitations. Remember, most of orders are customized and made only after receiving your order. In many instances we may not be able to cancel your order.

We do not cancel the order, if,

  • The order is a customized order, made only for you
  • If we are processing the order
  • If the order is ready for dispatch
  • If the order is en route for delivery
  • Same day orders
  • We also do not entertain any change in the delivery requests once we deliver the shipping confirmation.