Individual Desserts

Individual Desserts

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  1. Brownie Mess in a Jar Brownie Mess in a Jar

    Brownie Mess in a Jar

    You've heard about our famous Nutella brownies... now imagine them layered on top of a velvety smooth chocolate mousse, topped with gooey salted caramel. Mmmmm, someone pass me a napkin please! More...
  2. UberMoo UberMoo


    When our friends at Uber came to us and asked if we could create a disruptive dessert that was a funky hybrid tower filled with multiple flavors perfectly married together and throw in a little pop to it… we of course said bring it on! This collaboration is a true hybrid creation with a brownie base and layers of absolutely delicious banana and chocolate cake infused with Nutella & sprinkled with malt poppers…. Meet UberMoo truly Moving People with its taste! More...
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    ‘Twisted’ Apple Crumble Cheesecake ‘Twisted’ Apple Crumble Cheesecake

    ‘Twisted’ Apple Crumble Cheesecake

    Silky smooth cheesecake on top of a yummy buttery crust, topped with delicious cinnamony infused apples and oats. Then we drizzle it all over with our perfect caramel sauce…Yummmmyyyyyy (Individual serving) More...
  3. Pistachio Rosewater Baklava Cheesecake Pistachio Rosewater Baklava Cheesecake

    Pistachio Rosewater Baklava Cheesecake

    A pistachio cheesecake infused with rosewater and topped with a crispy baklava and pistachio topping More...
  4.  Seductive Cheesecake  Seductive Cheesecake

    Seductive Cheesecake

    Creamy cheesecake baked with chocolate chunks and topped off with chocolate dipped fresh berries. Creamy, fruity, chocolatey goodness with a surprise Oreo! (Individual serving) More...
  5. Zed Velvet Zed Velvet

    Zed Velvet

    For the first time in Dubai in collaboration with Zomato we created this yummy concoction. Bright, fresh and bursting with flavor we combined the sweet taste of berries, strawberry mousse and cream, with our secret award winning red velvet sponge recipe on a cheesecake base. This fluffy and light texture will make every bite melt in your mouth. More...
  6.  Whacky Oreo Truffles  Whacky Oreo Truffles

    Whacky Oreo Truffles

    Our very own version of the Oreo cookie. A set of 4 filled with yummy Fudgy creamy goodness! And who would of thought that ours could possibly taste better than the original More...
  7. Lotuslicious Lotuslicious


    We’ve taken the delicious speculoos lotus biscuit and transformed it into a perfect piece of bite size truffle heaven. Caramelized with an impeccable taste filling and coated with white chocolate to give it the right mix of sweetness and flavor. More...
  8.  Brownie Bombs  Brownie Bombs

    Brownie Bombs

    A set of 3 delicious fudge brownie balls stuffed with the middle eastern delicacy “halawa”, then these amazing treats are dipped in the finest chocolate and rolled in crushed pistachio nuts. The best of both worlds, where western flavours meet the eastern ones. More...
  9.  Nutella Brownies  Nutella Brownies

    Nutella Brownies

    As If brownies weren’t already to die for… these ones are made with Nutella…yup, that’s right, gooey, delicious creamy Nutella Brownies! Enough Said… More...

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total