Smashing Birthday Cakes: Smash It, Eat It, Enjoy It!

Have you seen our latest smashing birthday cake specially made for Friday Magazine’s  20th birthday? It’s been featured as Editor’s Choice and you can see the video for it here !!

The thought behind it all? Cakes are fun and all but sometimes, you just want a cake pop and cake pops are what we do!  Our flavors are insanely delicious: Lotuslicious, Whacky Oreo, Red Velvet and more!

Long story short: We basically made one massive cake pop shell then filled it with multicolored cake pops stacked from the inside.

Slicing a cake gets a little old sometimes right? But Smashing a cake? Now we’re talkin!

Check out the video with the link above and here are some “behind the scenes photos” and let us know what you think!

Send us your order for your next smashing birthday cake with any colors you want to

 Happy Birthday!




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