Got Cake? SugarMoo’s got the ideas!

Custom Cakes are always fun to make here at SugarMoo. Follow our steps below to know how to best decide on how your next celebration cake is gonna go down!

At SugarMoo, We’ve got a team here to answer all your birthday and celebration cake requests. We become buddies with our clients and take the convo on whatsapp to make it even easier for you as a customer to tell us what your birthday cake desires are in real time. We also offer a free consultation if you’d like to drop by our HQ and see our factory in person and have a sit down to discuss more details!

To begin with, follow these steps and we will take care of the rest!

Step 1: What’s the theme of your celebration? Sometimes, there is no theme but you want the cake to be personal. Think about what your loved one is into, a hobby perhaps? An inside joke, favorite colors…

Step 2: Choose a flavor:  Our best seller is the Red Velvet Oreo Crunch but we also love our Nutella Banana cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Chocoloco, a simple vanilla sponge and more!

Step 3: How many people?

That’s about it, get ready to kick back, relax and just let us do the rest of the fun work. We do our research then we share photos with you so you can pick and choose everything you want on your cake down to the last drop of decoration!

Here are some of our latest favorites of the week. Give us a call on 800-SUGAR and we will hook you up!

And always remember that You Crave. We Deliver.



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