30 desserts in 30 days this Ramadan in the UAE …

… and you don’t need to move a muscle to have them!

It’s true! We have worked on some of the yummiest hybrid Arabic sweets this Ramadan and we also have our usual best sellers on offer thanks to popular demand. How can we make the long day of fasting easier on you? For starters, we recommend you download our app here from the Apple Store or on Google Play. We really have made ordering a piece of cake (pun intended 🙂) You can order anything you like without even having to speak to anyone AND from the comfort of your own home. We can even send your Arabic sweets this Ramadan on behalf of you to anyone you want.

So what’s it gonna be? A traditional baklava turned into a delicious Choclava? Or An Umm Ali Cheesecake? You don’t really need to decide, with more than 30 desserts, we’ve got you covered for 30 days.

You Crave. We deliver.

Before we forget, our dessert delivery timings have been extended till 2am in Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan.


Have a sweet Ramadan,




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