PINKtober at SugarMoo

This is an important month, it’s the battle of Breast Cancer Awareness. It’s more important than ever, to help raise awareness and especially in the UAE. Did you know that studies show that the average age of Breast Cancer diagnosis is 10 years younger in the UAE than elsewhere in the world?

This Month of October, We wanted to create a dessert that was more than just yummy. We could have done the usual Pink dessert, but we wanted to create a buzz. We want to get people talking to be able to create more awareness! Our Breast Cancer Awareness Cupookies, will do just that.  For every sale of each Cupookie, we will be donating 15% of proceeds to help support a Breast Cancer Awareness Charity named Brest Friends in partnership with Al Jalila Foundation to raise funds for breast cancer treatment and research in the UAE.

The limited edition dessert is a Strawberry Marshmallow Cheesecake Cupookie – it’s so good and it’s fresh and more importantly, it serves a purpose. So get gifting to help us donate!

Check yourself to protect yourself!






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