Its our party and we’ll give out free cake if we want to!

We are so excited to be celebrating three years of SugarMoo this month! We remember what it was like when we first opened and are so grateful for where we are now thanks to all of you guys! Brace yourselves, we are gonna get a little cheesy and emotional here but we can’t help ourselves! Our friends, customers and fans who have all become like family to us: We love receiving your tags, we LOVE making your customized desserts for you. The best part of it all is that we are always a part of your celebration!

Here is a video we did to surprise two of our SugarMoo owners with an impromptu interview! We want you guys to tell us what YOU are celebrating three of? Three years single? 😉 Three years married? Three years Vegan? Three year Birthday!? Whatever it is, hit us up with a tag @sugarmoodesserts with the hashtag #youngwildandthree and expect to have and chance to receive free desserts all month long!

Watch it!

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